About us

Welcome To Mimi Unique a Social Media Marketing Agency we are based in the UK but we also work with clients from all over the world! If your looking to take your business to the next level then we are here to support you along the way! Growing a business and marketing a business can be a difficult process to keep up with that’s where we come in to help! We manage your platforms on a daily basis giving you more time to focus on other important things in the company. Social media managers are becoming more popular everyday and finding one can be a difficult process so no matter the company size we will deliver content that will connect you to your audience. If your interested in finding out more then contact us through are contact page and we will be back with you shortly! 

I went to Mimi Unique to find a social media manager in hopes i would have more free time on my hands to deal with more important things in the business. Everything has been achieved to such high standard, and I’ve always been informed and kept in the loop with things that were happening on my socials. If your looking for a trust worthy business that makes you number one priority and makes you sales then your in the right place. Can’t wait to work with you again!

Matt Brent

What we do as a social media manager for your business

  • We create a social media strategy
  • We create brand awareness and authority
  • We track marketing efforts
  • We help save you time as a business owner you have a lot of important things to focus on, we help by making brand content specific to your needs and schedule the content to go out on days and times you would like.
  • We generate new customers for your business
  • We help beat your competitors

Hi! I’m Mia and I’m the founder of Mimi Unique. I started Mimi Unique in 2020 when i found myself struggling with my own business. I found social media was taking up most of my time and i couldn’t focus on the important things in my business. I decided to take action and found you could hire companies to run your socials online, i hired a social media manager myself and wow does it make a difference! I had more time on my hands and i cut social media out my life! Mimi Unique is now branching out world wide we have clients in the UK, Dubai and Spain! So its nice to meet you! And we hope to hear from you and your business soon!